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Home Sewage Treamtment systems ATU, HSTP Ozzi Kleen On-site sewage treatment plants Ozzi kleen Grey Water Recycling
  • No septic process 
  • Single, durable poly tank
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 15 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Below ground installation
  • Australian owned and made
  • Normal use of household cleaners
  • Approved Australia Wide
  • Transportable sewerage systems
  • Skid & containerised systems
  • Mine site approved
  • 10 to 10,000 persons capacity
  • Quick mobilisation & demobilisation
  • Plug & play solutions
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • No septic process
  • Ideal for homes or commercial
  • High quality effluent for recycling
  • Lightweight, robust poly tank 
  • Easy to transport and install 
  • Plug and play solutions
  • Normal use of household cleaners





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