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Prep your house for your Christmas Visitors12-Nov-2015

Toilet and Kitchen Notice Toilet and Kitchen Notice (936 KB)

• Seasonal Reminder - If you have visitors at your home over the Christmas period (or at any time really) don't forget to put signage up in your kitchen,..

Pump Covers28-Oct-2015

Need a pump cover? Ozzi Kleen's got you covered. You may not be aware but we also make things like pump covers. Protecting your electric water pump from the weather has never been easier ..

RP10 Sewage Treatment System- Operation

The aerobic non-septic process used in the Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment System (RP10) is simple and effective. 

By keeping the organic matter or waste oxygenated, the bacteria found in the wastewater stays alive. These aerobic bacteria are very aggressive and digest the waste quickly and efficiently.

How does the Ozzi Kleen RP10 
Sewage treatment systems  work?

All wastewater enters the single tank where oxygen is circulated by an aerator, keeping  the naturally occurring bacteria alive.  This bacteria found in the wastewater actively feeds and breaks down the waste. After the aeration stage, the waste is allowed to settle. The treated water is decanted and stored in the effluent holding compartment and once full triggers a float switch, automatically prompting irrigation.

To read more about the difference between aerobic and anaerobic processes see AEROBIC V ANAEROBIC Sewage Treatment.

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